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    Shot with a E510, 14-54mm.

    Taken at the backstage before a performance for a grad night event.

    Was a really spontaneous shot, didn't intend to have it taken, but the whole setting just made it look quite good.

    Would like critique on:
    1) Composition (slanting lines towards guitarist)
    2) Post processing
    3) Grain/Noise (shot with ISO1600 cause of low light and didn't have a proper flash. )

    Any other general comments are welcomed! Thanks.

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    Since it was low light, noise at ISO 1600 was inevitable.
    Composition, to pinpoint on what you asked for, no the leading lines there were a too small part of the image. Furthermore, they don't really serve any effect in this shot since the lines lead us only to his hand.
    PP wise, I think it's ok but there are some stretch marks or something on his neck. Not very nice.

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    You have the good and bad of lighting in 1 composition. Lucky for you huh,

    Let me pose the question to you: Where & why did the lighting work? Where and why did it fail? Hints: texture, tones.

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    he is a guitarist, so why this angle?

    why not one which shows the guitar in entirety? this will also have the benefit of removing the distracting people in the background (and possibly replace with something else).. but at least they might be gone.

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    THe backgrd is messy, the legs are chopped away at the ankle, and it would be gd to capture a more frontal shot of him.
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    i guess the reason why the person took off the top is becoz he wanna so some muscle, and looking at the background, it make it look like a gym... dun really see much composition but i like the lighting

    at this size of the photo, i dun see much grain thingy... so if the pic was to be enlarge, the grain shouldn't be too bad... then at most it will look like a painting...
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