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    Took some shots at Little Guilin today. Please give me your comments. I'm hosting the photos on my server, limited bandwidth, hence, you may not be able to see it or it loads slowly...

    Did the stitching with PS Elements, not very well done though. But its my first attempt at panoramic shots.

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    i see little red Xs, and pasting the url in a new window gives me 404s... is it just me?

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    Its on his PC so can only see when his pc is on.

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    very sorry for the trouble, ported my photos over instead of using my pc.

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    Some tips for successful photo stitching...

    1) Use a longer tele-lens (50mm or longer) to reduce distortion. This will allow the edges to merge together better.

    2) Set to manual exposure rather than Aperture/Shutter priority or Program. This will give you shots that are closer in exposure so there's no sudden transition between the frames.

    3) Overlap each picture by a bit, to give the program more room to work with.

    4) Try to keep the horizon straight, by using a tripod and a fluid leveler if possible. This will make it easier for the program to do its job.

    5) Try to position the edges of each frame where there are clear edges or details for the program to do the "matching". This will significantly increase the chances of successful stitch.

    Hope these tips will come in handy.


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