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Actually, Guys can advise me on why the GP batteries are no good?
I've seen the comments a number of times in the forum but i've used them for the longest time and they seem fine.
Hahaha...i dont wanna get caught out one day.. =p
i had GP2700s. not too long ago, i bought the maha wizardone analyser. so i went about analysing all my AAs. The GPs had little more capacity than my much older sony 2100mah batts. They had lower capacity to begin with and had seen many many more cycles of usage.

for the curious, my sonys rated at 1600+, my GPs 1700++ to 1800.

i had some unirosses 2500 (ok, not fair to compare as they were newer), they rated 2100+. my sanyo 2700 which was not much more used than the GP, rated 2500+.

i'm not sure what the GPs would rate if they were new, but no way am i gonna touch them unless they are free. even so, i'd use them for remote control, walkie talkie etc. not photography use

the GP charger is suspect also, but i gave the sanyos the same golden treatment on my GP charger also, and they didn't suffer too much decrease in capacity.

IMHO, pay abit more for chargers, pay abit more for batteries, u might save in the long run.

If you using GP, just use them until they are spent (as in, ability to hold charge). then change. or u can trade them in for maha imedions . that's what i did for my older batts