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Thread: lens advice needed

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    Wink lens advice needed

    hi, would like to ask some advice for this 2 lenses

    1. nikon 17-55 f/2.8
    2. nikon 28-70 f/2.8

    been wanting to own one but could not decide which, price wise i have no problem buying a new 17-55 and 2nd hand 28-70,as the amount will be somewhat there,, shooting style will be more for events (weddings/ birthdays), studio, type kinda thing, still a newbie though,,

    can a 3rd party will do the same in terms of iq, like the tamron 17-55, 28-70 (pls correct me), or any other recommendations?

    any bro/sis here could pls. share their experience using the nikons,, thanks for any advice in advance... im using a d300
    ,,,not related in anyway to the shop at funan and all it's staff,,, :)

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    Default Re: lens advice needed

    Unless you have a lens to cover the wider range of anything wider than 28mm, I'd suggest going for the 17-55. It's definitely a more usable, versatile range on a crop camera.

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    Default Re: lens advice needed

    17-55 will give you a wider angle which you will need for wedding photos.

    This is my opinion.

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    Cool Re: lens advice needed

    ya go for 17-55
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