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    Default Collectables comics to let go

    I am letting go my comics collection to serious collectors for a ridiculous price of 300 (neg downward if you are sincere). Some sets itself is worth that price.I estimate my comics to worth at least SGD1k or more. I will give up based on 2 conditions:

    1) Must take the whole lot (self pick up, I'm moving)
    2) Must be serious comic collector (price is only for collectors not for someone looking for quick bucks)

    No sales of individual set, Go buck the buyer next time.

    PM me, email me at or sms at 97466771


    Most comics age (i.e. slight yellow). However, typical collectors items do not show age - better paper.

    No decay whatsoever. All comics between 1986 and 1990.

    NCI - non collector's item - denotes non-sought after items at time of sale, however, it could worth a bit now

    Aliens Earth War
    1-3 (Good) - worth around $60

    Aliens Vs Predator
    0,2,3 (Near Mint) - worth around $60

    Worlds finest (Batman/Superman)
    1,2,3 (mint) - worth aroung $45

    Batman - Gotham by Gaslight
    Single issue (mint)

    Batman - Death in the family (Robin's death)
    Single 4-in-1 (Good - natural aging)

    1,2,3 (Mint)

    Saga of Human Torch
    1,2,3,4 complete miniseries (Mint - very little aging)

    Usagi Yojimbo color special (famed author of ninja turtles)
    1 (single issue) (Mint)

    What if Fantastic Four all had the same power
    11 (Good - natural aging NCI)

    Batman Detective comics
    612-616, 625 (Good - natural aging NCI)

    Detective comics (Batman)
    532,594,595,598, 599-600, 604-608,617-624 includes mud pack miniseries (Good - natural aging NCI except mud series)

    432, 433-442 (sought after cos of robin), 445-458 (Good - natural aging)

    Batman Annual 1990
    14 (Good - natural aging NCI)

    Batman Annual 1989
    2 (Good - natural aging NCI)

    Batman vs mudpack
    44 (Good - natural aging NCI)

    Iron Marshall (some chinese fighting style published by US)
    1,3,4,5 (Good - natural aging NCI)

    265 (Good - natural aging NCI)

    Secret origins (Batman's enenmies)
    1 (Good - natural aging NCI)

    Batman Year 2
    1 (Mint)

    Batman the killing of joker
    1 (Mint)

    Batman the Cult
    2 (Mint)

    Batman the movie special
    1 (Good - natural aging NCI)

    Marvel comics (Wolverine vs the Hulk - relatively rare)
    55 (Good - natural aging)

    Punisher armoury (relatively rare)
    1 (V.Good - slight natural aging)

    Death of captain marvel (graphic novel)
    1 (N.Mint)

    Spiderman Hooky (graphic novel)
    1 (N.Mint)

    Hulk versus Thing (graphic novel)
    1 (V.Good)

    Aliens vs Predator
    1 (N.Mint - slight natural aging) - worth around $20

    Wolverine Saga (complete set)
    1-4 (Mint) - worth around $80

    Punisher (single bound of 1-5 reprint)
    1 (N.Mint)

    Punisher no escape
    1 (Mint)

    Punisher movie special
    1 (Mint)

    Spiderman vs wolverine
    1 (Mint) - worth around $25

    Punisher vs wolverine African Saga
    1 (Mint) - worth around $25

    Ghost Rider
    1-11 (Mint)- worth at least $180

    1-9 (Mint) - worth at least $170

    16-37 (N.Mint - slight natural aging) - worth around $60

    Punisher war journal
    15, 17-26, 29-30 (V.Good - natural aging)

    Spider-man (1990 release)
    1-5 (Mint - slight natural aging, 1 is worth a bit)- worth at least $90

    Spider-man (1990 release - rare and sought after)
    6 (Guest star hobogobin, I've got 6 sets!!!!) - worth at least $90

    Spider-man (1990 release - very rare)
    1 (2 sets of different colors, worth a fair bit - signed bt Stan Lee and sealed)- worth at least $120

    Legends of Dark knight (Batman -rare)
    1-14 (Mint - slight natural aging)- worth at least $180

    1-3 (N.Mint - natural aging) - worth around $50

    Justice League Quaterly
    1 (Good - natural aging, NCI)

    Nomad (guest star captain america)
    1 (Good - natural aging)

    The Incredible Hulk
    329,339, 347-348, 354-375 (Good - natural aging, NCI except some minseries)

    The Incredible Hulk
    377 (V. Good - natural aging, sought after)

    The Incredible Hulk Annual
    16 (Good - natural aging, NCI)

    Fantastic Four
    347, 348 (x2), 349 (V. Good - slight natural aging)

    The Punisher
    32-45 (V. Good - natural aging, NCI)

    The Punisher Annual
    3 (V. Good - natural aging, NCI)

    The Uncanny Xmen
    212-213,222,234-236,251 (Good - natural aging, NCI)

    Xmen Starjammers
    1,2 (Mint)

    Xtinction agenda (Xmen -was hot last time)
    61,97,270, 272 (Good - natural aging)

    52 (Good - natural aging)

    Xmen classic
    46 (Good - natural aging)

    Team titans
    1 (N.Mint)

    Groo (MY ALL TIME FAV - Laugh till pants drop off - my biggest investment, never missed an issue since I started, I dare say I have most of the issues in Singapore - may decide not to part this)

    10,12-15,17-18,24-25,27,34-99 (Good - natural aging, NCI)

    Groo chronicles
    Books 2-6 (missed one book to complete the set)

    Groo bazaar
    1 (Mint)

    Groo dynasty
    1 (Mint)

    Groo the adventurer
    1 (Mint)
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    Need to let go as moving. Start bid from 230. Bid close 10 sept, highest bidder gets all

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    Updated some of the prices (at 1990s when i checked) of how valubale the collection is.

    I really want to give up to a collector. I am moving and it is time for me to take a deep breath and let it go.

    The few prices i updated is already SGD900. Thats just 10 out of my nearly 70 sets of comics.

    I am only asking 250 nett. Self pick up.

    For almost 200+ comics, that's $1 per comic for collectables........
    Cheaper than pasar malam man.

    All comics come with protective plastic covers.

    All i ask is that you take care of these comics.

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    hi, may i know how u get the estimation of the value from ? wat's the highest offer now ?

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    estimation from comics store when I last visited in 1995.

    Offers all for individual sets. 1st person to offer 250 gets all.

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    My moving date approaches - so I'm opening bid for 2 weeks. Highest bidder gets all.

    Starting bid is $150

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    RP reduced to 200 as I need to move by end of the month

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    Update - will let go at any un-obscene price as I really need to clear my place for moving.

    PM me with offer

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