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    This is one of my "leaves" series. I took it in my house at 6P.M
    I named this photo: When I'm with you because when I took this photo, I think about our relationship between me and my ex-girlfriend. My love is broken three months ago and I'm so sad about it. I'm a foreign student here, my ex is a foreign student in Finland, too. We're too far from each other, so we had to break. When I took these photos, I thought about my happy days, so I tried to arrange the two leaves like two lovers holding each others.
    When I post it here, I want to receive criticisms like how I can improve for the next still life shoots and how about the color theme (I used creamy color theme to created the beautiful and happiness in the photo)
    I think the photos is better than I expected. If you want to see the original version, you can go to this photo in my flickr.
    Thank you for viewing this photos and give me the criticisms.
    This is the first time I post photo here to receive criticisms, if there is anything wrong, please tell me so I can correct it. Thank you
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    I would personally give a little bit more shadow, especially in the evening. But that's a preference.

    Anyway, the photo is generally quite well-composed and even without your reflections, it would have ignited lots of thoughts of the other viewers. Good for an abstract kind of expression definitely.

    Just a slight note though. Because of the nature of the image, any stray elements could potentially affect what you are trying to convey. In this case, the two long shadow on the right and near left side. These are probably shadows from window frames or whatnot, and do not do anything to the photo. Just be wary of these elements next time.

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    like the composition but i find that the bright patch in the centre is quite distracting
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    @The_Cheat: Thank for your advice about the shadow. Maybe next time, I'll try to concentrate more... And I absolutly agree about two long shadow. Like you can see in my original photo, these two shadow is the shadow of my door. I wanted to get rid of them, but If I did it, it'll effect the leaves and their shadow too. So I left it there.
    @ EOS Revolution: thanks for your comment. I feel it too. Actually it can correct by Photoshop layer or burn tool but I didn't do this... haizzz... Maybe I'll try to focus more on the final picture!
    Thank for your comments, I really appreciate that!
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    Nice one here. Simple yet thought provoking. These type of shots, IMHO means a lot much more to the person who created it than the ppl who's looking at the shots. So, for me, any criticism should not affect your feel towards the shot in any way. You probably cant get back the feel you had when you were creating this shot if you were to reshoot the pic.

    Just my $0.02

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    limken 화랑에 사진

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    @ ahtiow: yes, I agree with your opinion. It's impossible to reshot this photos even I could find 100% lookalike leaves. My feeling at the moment I took these photo is very strange. Like I can see the past of our happy days together. So I put all my efforts and skill to retouch it to be this one. Thank you so much for understanding my feeling.
    @ limken: 여보세요, 너의 코멘트를 위해 감사하십시요 :P
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    Looking at the original you did an amazing job.

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