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Thread: how to activate "fill flash" ?

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    Default how to activate "fill flash" ?

    erm... a noob question here.. how do you trigger "fill flash"? do you need to set something to make it fill flash instead of just firing the flash?

    btw, i'm using the canon 430ex.. thanks!

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    Default Re: how to activate "fill flash" ?

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    Default Re: how to activate "fill flash" ?

    thanks for the reply! just to clarify, does that mean that to get fill flash, i'll have to adjust by lowering the flash exposure on my 430ex?

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    Cool Re: how to activate "fill flash" ?

    fill flash just means using flash to fill in the shadows of a picture, usually because your subject is backfacing the bright light.
    here, fill flash is the secondary light.

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    Default Re: how to activate "fill flash" ?

    read this, part 2 of the document project talks about canon eos fill flash.
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