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Thread: Photo frames for S8R size photos

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    Default Photo frames for S8R size photos

    Hello all,

    I have been looking for cheap photo frames for S8R size photos (8 inches X 12 inches), with no luck. I've searched this forum for topics on this subject, without finding anything helpful, hence this post.

    The closest I got to was this thread.

    I need around 100 frames, so cost is definitely a factor. In most of the places I've seen, the frames cost more than 10-12 bucks, that's way beyond my budget. I don't mind a bit of DIY if I can keep the cost to below 4-5 bucks per frame.

    Thanks so much for your replies, in advance.

    PS : Ikea is ruled out as the frames are odd size.
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    Default Re: Photo frames for S8R size photos

    the cheaper solution is still buy the ready made,

    you can ask for bulk discount..

    btw, for frames from Ikea, the closer size is A4, why don't have your prints in A4?
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