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Thread: starting a photography & model business

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    Default starting a photography & model business

    i am considering to start a Photography and model service business.

    the business is very basic .

    what i do is i provide model and arrange location for professional and learning photographer -

    as well as creat event and session for photographer to have more exposure .


    i would like to know more if . local photographer would be keen in 2-3 days workshop that is held in Thailand .

    The 3 days would have 2 indoor - 2 out door shooting . and a total of 8-12 model .

    i can arrnage for - all kinda setup . from high fashion - to artistic nude and swimsuit .
    so far i had done a few project with japanese photographer .
    but i would like to provide such service to singapore .

    i can also arrnage transport for group event .

    ideal - event would be 12 photographer - sharing the cost of the whole session .

    but larger session of 24- 48 photographer would be fun also-

    well i try to keep it to a ratio of 4:1 or 3:1

    meaning - if i got 12 photographer i would arrange 4 model or more.

    and if we have 48 photograher i would arrnage at least 15-20 model.

    then of cos . there come the fee .

    to be very very frank i had not offer such service to singapore before .

    my japanese project - each photographer pay - 150 usd . for the 3 days event .
    price is only for the model and location .usually is + lunch and at time dinner also .

    - but i would like to work out a tight package for singaporean photographer -

    anyone have any suggestion .. or would like to have some kinda joint business.

    kindly pm me .


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    Default Re: starting a photography & model business

    just curious, how easy is it to coordinate people to fly to the shoot? and 12 somemore? i can't even get 1 more friend to go with me to BKK.

    btw i'm interested.

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    Default Re: starting a photography & model business

    hey i would be instrested too=]
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    Default Re: starting a photography & model business

    So you want to be another of the 20-30 model shoot organizers? Best to look in the other forum sections then.

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    Default Re: starting a photography & model business

    i got good resources with model . and for me is relatively easy to get - 20-30 model .

    location wise - i can also go most of the booking and setting .


    maybe we can start off with a smaller session of 6-10 photographer ,

    - also i have a pool for model to go about and on request we can get the same model

    i am also thininking to give each photgrapher i 1 on 1 session . with the model.
    so he can gain more exp from a solo shot ..
    which mean -

    eg. we have 12 photograher - and 4 model .

    each one would take turn and choos ehis model to work with for 30 min - 45 min .

    and since we are all in the hotel ..

    i can make it a 8-9 hour session . to be share with each other .

    i am doing up a plan so everyone can spend the least but yet get the most .

    of cos is a business and some kinda profit need to be made .

    my ideal would be a win win for both party . as well as the model .

    i would love to have more advice and hope in a while we can start off with a small session and grow from it .


    and once we have larger group . as can have session with 20-30 model or even more .

    also my session can be more open then of in singapore , since we are in thailand .

    keen party kindly message me - so we can start somekinda list and hope it grow and catch on .

    a 2-3 days photograhy outing .is going to be real fun . and also group will get stronger and more firends being made .

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    Default Re: starting a photography & model business

    Producer had arranged model shoot in Bali, looks like the past response was good.

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    Default Re: starting a photography & model business

    well i myself enjoy photography and i am looking at a project which is fun also and at the same time . hoping to share and learn more with people from such event also .

    i would nto start till next years . just doing a study now and collecting contact


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