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Thread: Macro and Still Life Questions

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    Unhappy Macro and Still Life Questions

    Heya Peeps,

    I'm new to the board.. and pretty new to photography.

    I just got a Fuji s602 Zoom yesterday and i'm getting used to it but i can't take still life photos right..

    What i'm trying to do is take "interesting" photos of stock for my online store. Not just boring unlighted quick shots.

    The problem is i'm not sure how to go about it, i don't really want to fork out for extras but my efforts so far are yellowy (cos of the light i am using) and blurry and don't look "interesting". Most are actually macro aswell because of the size on the products.

    If anyone could help a newbie out i'd be really happy .

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    The yellowy effect could be due to the incorrect White Balance (WB) chosen. Try out the various WBs and see which gives the best effect. Custom WB should work also.

    A tripod will be good to help eliminate blurry shots, which could be due to insufficient speed.

    If your subjects are real small, a close-up filter will help boost the magnification.

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    I had a couple of goes which you can look at here.. i tried blue light because it's the only other kind i have :S.

    Image 1
    Image 2

    Please give me some help on how to make these look good.

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    Hmm.. guess you still need to find some white bulbs to use to bring out the colors of the products accurately.

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    yeah.. what should i get.. tungsten bulbs? or are their special white photography bulbs? I want to try and eliminate the shadows but i'm not sure how.

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    Tungsten should be ok, as one of the WB mode is Tungsten. To elminate shadows, you'll need at least 2 light sources positioned around the subject.

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    I'm pretty new to my s602.. can you tell me how i can set it to the tungsten wb mode?


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