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Thread: Ipod Touch Vs Classic

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    Default Re: Ipod Touch Vs Classic

    Actually the touch is more reliable because it's not using a spinning harddisk.
    It has more functionality because it can install software. E.g. You can download news/blogs to read on the go.

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    wow... check out when the TS started this, who bumped a year-old thread?

    In any case, in terms of functions, I'd support the iTouch, but unless you don't have a desktop/laptop to store your music... then that's the only reason I can see to use the classic ipod.

    I'll vote for itouch.
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    Default Re: Ipod Touch Vs Classic

    Here's my opinion:

    Go for the iPod Touch if you want a lot of fancy features, and if you want to have a larger screen to view videos.

    The Classic has a massive storage capacity, good for those who need to archive their entire CD collection and use the device almost purely for listening to music and nothing else (video playback is still a possible, but secondary option).

    For me, my choice goes to the Classic.
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    Default Re: Ipod Touch Vs Classic

    Touch wins in my case for Wifi and all those games.

    But clasic for that imba space for my 40gig songs library.
    Nuff said.

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