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Thread: Travel/ Backpack Trip during CNY

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    I am doing some research for CNY traveling trip. Not so keen on Indonesia, Vietnam or Cambodia but still on a Budget. Looking at India (Been to Nepal).

    1) Can someone advice/ share information on other recommendations pls? Preferably less than SGD 1,500 to 2,000

    2) Any other fellow photographers interested to help/go, do let me know. Thanks.

    - JacePhoto
    Hi JacePhoto,

    I just came back from India about 3 weeks ago. I was in Rajasthan, which is the north-western region, near to Delhi and bordered by Pakistan. Northen India (the Kashmir region) is too cold this season and may also be politically unstable.

    Is peak tourist period in Rajasthan cos the weather is cooler but this year it is not as crowded as before (I was told) prob because of recent bombings/terrorism and financial crisis has driven the angmohs away from holiday (which is not a bad thing :P). I strongly recommend visiting Rajasthan for its many forts and palaces (which costs v little and with audio tours already included in ticket price so no guides haggling you). India is also a photography haven with the multitude of colours, sights and sounds. You will never get bored taking pictures. People are also very nice and friendly in Rajasthan, unlike the bigger cities like Delhi and Jaipur where there are more touts and persistent beggers.

    I have also been to Philippines but I prefer India. Spent S$1500 for 2 weeks which includes air ticket, food, lodging, transport (train, bus, rickshaw), sight admission fees, everything except souvenirs which I did not include in this cost. Was with a friend so more effective. PM me if you need more info.

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    HCMC: U can try staying at Hong Han guesthouse. USD20 per night per room has free internet access, and at the backpacker street.
    U can take train up to Hue, or DaNang for the usual tourists area.

    definitely recommend Vietnam =D

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