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    Quote Originally Posted by Fallenphoenix View Post
    They lack the stimulant and are stressed by the visitors (pretty much is like what a stressed fish do in fish tank - moving up and down at a corner). There is a debate on whether this behaviour is a sign that the animal is losing its sanity, just like what will happen to a man if he is confided in a small space without stimulants for a long period of time. As expected....animal rights people said that animal is going crazy...zoo people said that the animal is 'exercising' to work off their 'extra' energy

    The same behaviour can be observed in inmates who are kept in isolations. Saw this in one of the Locked Down series on Discovery Channel.
    The inmate said he had nothing to do, didn't know what to do and he was totally depressed.
    The only thing he could do was walking in circus, round and round. Sad.
    There is no spoon.

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    good 1

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    good picture! only thing not so good is the face is not detail enough.

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