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    just took this pic yesterday but notice there's some blue light appearing in the sky of the pic... can anyone enlighten me wat happen? i onli got a cir-pol filter attached... is this 'ghosting/flaring' ? noob here

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    flare...stray light...UFOs,

    best is take out the healing tool now.
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    1. DO NOT use a circular polarizer for a night shot. Learn what it's used for instead.

    2. What you are seeing is a reflection of the flyer lights off the inside of the filter. Shhot this without the filter.

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    Could be UFOs coming!

    Well isn't it obvious to you that the blue lights in the sky, is of the same colour as the lights from the S'pore flyer?

    That's because the circular polariser got in the way. Like what Rashkae said, you shouldn't be using it in the night at all.
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