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Thread: Stretched Vastus Medialis (near knee region)

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    Default Stretched Vastus Medialis (near knee region)

    Need some insights into whether professional treatment required for following conditions incurred in kneeling position. Apparently I felt the muscles around my right knee did a flip-flop due to bad body posture while doing certain activities in a kneeling position. Currently, i have some problem doing squatting as the muscles near the knee is extremely tight and weak.

    qn: how do i know if i need medical attention? no apparent symptoms of swelling. however, the injured muscle felt raw to the gentle messaging. Any recommendation to help affected muscle group recover? does improved blood circulation via external means assist in recovery?


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    get referral from any polyclinic to go TTSH...their rehab dept is good...u would most probably need some electro-magnetic treatment on the area...and physio therapy too..

    wife had elbow problem once...fell down akwardly at Snow City...whole elbow cannot straighten...they did physio and electro-thingy on her and she manages to recover faster...
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