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    Asking on behalf of my friend.
    Anybody knows where can I get this camera in Singapore? Ricoh GR Digital II and and price if any1 knows?
    If any of you using this camera, can give some review on it? Or rather buy Canon Powershot G10 etc.
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    Quote Originally Posted by bruno84sg View Post
    Anybody knows where can I get this camera in Singapore?
    Try MS Color or TK Foto. They may have some in stock.

    Is your friend looking for a camera which is small and unique, or a camera which is versatile with functions close to a DSLR? For latter, the G10 is one to buy.

    Ricoh GR Digital II is a niche camera and is not for everybody (I own a Ricoh GR Digital). It costs more than S$1,000 new (which is significantly higher than the G10), has a fixed focus lens, slow writing RAW speed, noise above ISO 200, smaller LCD screen and expensive original accessories with almost no compatible support. But it is one-of-a-kind compact camera that produces very good, and almost film-like, monochrome images.
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