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Thread: Fast P&S AF?

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    Default Fast P&S AF?

    Seems that Pana have got their engineering right with G1 AF, it's reputed to be as fast as a entry level DSLR.

    Now the question is that, since contrast AF can have such performance.... will we be able to see it in the likes of P&S.. say Casio EX-F1... high fps with fast AF would be a huge draw.
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    Default Re: Fast P&S AF?

    just have to see who is the first company to jump in and "spoil" the market for the other companies...

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    Personally tried the G1 at SITEX. The AF's cool!

    It's as fast as my 10D in achieving a lock. Tracks faces pretty well in the crowded hall. Best of all, I'm no longer constraint by the (comparatively pathatic) 7 AF points, or 9 from my 30D.

    Of course have to put disclaimer... 10D + 17-40L still beats it... but oh, the 17-40L cost more than the G1 liao.

    I see great potential in this AF technology. No chance to test it in extreme low light situation tho.
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