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    Default Need advice: modes

    Hi i usually use P-mode on my canon 450D to take pictures. Is it something like a point and shoot camera? Sometimes i only change the exposure compensation to adjust the brightness? Other then that, how do i effectively make use of my dslr by using the Av and Tv modes? Newbie here.

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    It's a matter of co-relating how these factors work with each.

    Read this for more info : Photography Notes For Newbies

    Let's just use an example here.

    Shutter Speed, Aperture, ISO speed

    1/125, f8, ISO 100
    1/60, f11, ISO 100 (to stop down the aperture 1 stop, you have to reduce the shutter speed to balance)
    1/125, f11, ISO 200 (alternatively you can increase the ISO to balance)
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    Av = Aperture Priority mode
    Tv = Shutter Priority mode

    So in these 2 modes, you set the only aperture or the shutter respectively. Try the modes and you will know how to use them. Read your manual, it will give you more idea.

    Knowing shutter and aperture is crucial for getting creative and beautiful shots, that P mode can't.
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    Cool Re: Need advice: modes

    basically P mode means u can set the ISO, while the camera decides on the aperture & shutter speed.

    do try out Av, Tv or even manual modes. keep trying.

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    The easiest way to use all these mode is to do some assignments for yourself;

    1) P mode: you already know, like pns. I use this in good light and normal snapshots. Pics comes out alright.

    2) Tv: You can go to the Merlion and try it on the water spout. Take slow speed, and then take fast shutter speed. You can definitely see the difference. Use a tripod!

    3) Av: choose a prominent object about say 5 meters away with some clearance to the background. Shoot with different apertures. Go to the extremes. You also will be able to see the difference in DOF and then look at the bokeh. They will be different.

    Keep finding assignments to do, ie practice and you will know all these functions.

    4) M: This is where you put it all together. I use this mode if I want to have a consistent exposure say like in an indoor concert, etc.. This way I can set the exposure I want and keep it consistent.

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    Default Re: Need advice: modes

    Thanks guys!

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    Default Re: Need advice: modes

    P - Learn to adjust ISO
    AV - Learn to adjust ISO + Aperture
    Tv - Learn to adjust ISO + Shutter Speed
    M - Combine all 3 together (ISO + Aperture + Shutter Speed)

    At least thats the order by which I learned the different modes. And i've been playing with Av and M ever since most of the time =D Happy experimenting!!
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