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    Hi ..
    For shooting eg. marathon in the am, do you get best results shooting with c.fn IV-1 on 0, 2 or 3 on al servo? newbie wud really like to hear your experiences/thoughts on this, tks vm
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    Erm, what camera is this on, and what's the custom function?

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    woops sorry it's for 40d but common amongst certain eos models for rear AF-ON function.

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    Hi .. no pro's here can help advise?

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    On a XX or XXX D model, it might not make any speed difference unless yr cam has two separate processing CPUs like 1 ser cams.

    The only difference I can see could possibly be for you to control specific AF 'ON' and 'OFF' while tracking the subject with interferences crossing yr main subject while keeping yr shutter pressed half-way to retain continuous metering in possible changing light conditions sonce AE lock is not usually a good thing in daylight type situations where you would probably be shooting the marathon in the morning unless yr positioned at a location where the light is very constant in the shooting zone that the runners will pass through.

    Hope this helps some.

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    duly ntd n tks for feedback.


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