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    hi all,

    just curious about buying online from, say, US stores and shipping back using VPost.

    is it worth it?

    i know got no local warranty, no freebies..... (freebies can easily buy separately)

    The US online price is cheaper than SG shop prices......

    any one ever bought cameras this way?

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    Quote Originally Posted by donut88 View Post
    is it worth it?
    Number wise, it is up to the buyer to do the math. Remember to factor in shipping costs/insurance and GST.

    As for warranty set or not will is really up to buyer.

    I have shipped new lenses from overseas before. When the 24mm PCE was launched, there was a shortage of the lens locally for a while. The overseas set saved me about 150-200 bucks after accounting for the miscellaneous charges.


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    look for brands that offer international warranty.

    if no international warranty, at least brands that have local distributor.
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