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    Default Tianya Filter System

    any reviews?

    what i want to know is if the lens rotate when focusing, will the filter holder rotate as well or stay in position?
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    Not sure of the Tianya system, but they should work similar to cokin's..
    if your front filter rotate during focusing, then the filter will rotate, but the holder is mounted on a disc which allows you to rotate the angle of the filter so you can adjust it..

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    Default Re: Tianya Filter System

    I use Tian Ya filters. It's similar to Cokin's..
    As mentioned by viix, the ring holding the filter can be rotated so you can rotate the filter independent of the lens rotation
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    Nope it doesn't rotate with the lens. However the filter holder is designed in a way that it can be rotated manually using your fingers when mounted on the lens.

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    QC varies.

    They are thicker than Cokin, so if you use Cokin P series 3 filter holder, they can still be used but not the center slot, its really hard to insert Tianya into the center slot.

    I recently bought ND4, ND8, GND and Orange GND. Holder and ring wise, I use Cokin.

    The ND4 is ok, 2 stops, but the ND8 is 2.2/3 stop instead of 3 stop, but not a big problem. The GND is about 2 stop, the Orange GND is about 3 stop, results may vary as QC not consistent. Also my OGND like not very evenly applied in the horizon.
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