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Thread: Places to take photos in yishun

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    Default Places to take photos in yishun

    Hi newbie here, just wondering anyone know any interesting places to take pictures in yishun?
    By the way, any one staying in yishun free to offer some tips to a newbie during weekdays or weekends? I am having quite a long break from work.

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    Default Re: Places to take photos in yishun

    Then perhaps you can roam around discovering interesting places to shoot rather than asking for them.

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    Default Re: Places to take photos in yishun

    there are many places to shoot in yishun (if you are referring to nature photography).... as Kit mention, you can do your own explorations too. Places that we've been to in Yishun can cover as far as Mandai Orchid Gardens, Khatib Bongso (there's a old fishing pond there), Lower Seletar Reservoir & the Dam, Khatib Experimental Farms, including the new Bottle Tree Restaurant.

    If you cycle, you can cycle all the way up to Sembawang beach via the jogging track at the end of Yishun, and even to Seletar Camp via the lower seletar reservoir.
    see my portfolio, for your comments.


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