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    Hi All

    I was at the Marina Barrage recently, shooting some sunset & night landscapes. Tried for a fresh approach on the oft-photographed icon, the Flyer and found this sculpture to frame it.

    ISO 100, f13 and 25secs.

    Upped the contrast using Curves and cropped.

    Area for C&C:
    Does the deliberately aligned framing work? Or does it feel too contrived?
    I have another shot where the Flyer is offset and shot in vertical orientation. Would that work better?

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    It's an interesting and good attempt, however the frame blocked out way too much of the cityscape. The sculpture is too thick I feel. I like how the Flyer stands almost right in the frame though, with another building within the frame of the Flyer.

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    may i suggest a square crop?

    as it is now, the fountain on the right and landscape to the left is distracting.

    also, too much empty black space liao.
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    I also think a square and tighter crop would be better...

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    interesting... really nice.. its definitely a good concept... but i find the 'gold ring' kinda dull due to the unpolished surface... maybe can do some touch up on the 'gold ring'... i was a little distracted by the fountains on the left bottom corner...

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    Dear All

    Thanks for all the comments and suggestions.

    Besides the square crop, would this work instead?

    Mods, if posting of the second photo is a violation, pls let me know, I'll remove it.

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    looks nicer if the whole picture is in focus. you could have used a smaller aperture
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