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Thread: comparison between transcend and sandisk

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    Default comparison between transcend and sandisk

    deciding between a transcend or sandisk 1gb cf card
    what are the differences?

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    sandisk non-ultra series(blue and red colour) is the slowest card
    the new ultra II series they claimed to be the fastest card

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    Get whichever you find works better with your cam. I've got both old (8X?) Sandisk and new (30X) Transcend. Only feel the diff when I d/l the images in my CF reader... or when I use them on my friend's S1 Pro. There is really little diff on my CP4500 or my A70.

    Since you are asking about 1Gb, I will suppose that the Sandisk is an Ultra series one. Beyond that, both brands are good and rugged. And well supported in Sg.


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