What would you want to invest in your brain or in other words Yourself now or in the near future?

1. The ability to run a business or shape the future of a potential business you are interested especially in an area of trade you are familiar with.

2. The ability to do things for people in a proven method that would increase sales for your company that you are working with or for your own company.

3. To go for further related skills training other than the present photography/photojournalism skill that I have now, in preparation for a better chance of survival within the next 5 - 15 years.

4. Get funding through my employer (WDA-accredited and upgrading skills course) for further related skills training so that I am more equipped to handle more responsibilities for my employer in the future.

5. Get more equipments and slowly expand my current photography business which I have just started a couple of years ago.

6. To have the ability to do better marketing and public relation in order to improve my current photography business.

7. I'll spent time to look for new business opportunities or ventures including collaborating with fellow professional photographers for a better chance of survival in the future.

8. Name any other related skills or ventures that are not listed above and give your reasons for your choice.