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Thread: How long can lenses last?

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    Default How long can lenses last?

    (Perhaps I should posted this in general discussion forum but I prefer the responses here.)
    Say in terms of number of shots for screw-driven primes? Cos the diaphram stops-down and retracts back very fast every time u snap a picture - I see this as the main source of wear and tear, apart from the focusing ring.
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    Default Re: How long can lenses last?

    My Pentax K 85mm F1.8 has lasted 30 over years and still looks clean
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    Default Re: How long can lenses last?

    Not sure about the newer lenses, but the older ones seem to be built to last.

    I have a M42 Pentacon 135mm.. the company ceased operations(?) in 1991, so even if mine's the last batch made (unlikely though!), it's already 17 years.. and working perfectly fine.

    A test shot with the lens (unprocessed except for resizing):

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    Default Re: How long can lenses last?

    Agree, older metal lenses tend to last longer.

    The plastic in newer ones (90s onwards) seem to be more brittle over time. I tried to take apart older lenses to clean, everything is metal inside and hardy. However the plasticky ones like those Vivitar 19-35s (even though Series 1)...the parts chip off very easily.

    I think to save on weight and perhaps cost, modern lenses are made less hardy.


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