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Thread: BGM: Buy it or just use it?

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    BGM : BackGround Music.

    Pardon me for asking a simple question to those in biz for some time.
    One thing that i have not come across that is being discuss extensively.
    Of cos being just a "supporting role" to create a mood for slideshows to showcase the best of work, i can understand why it is not being in the limelight most of the time.

    Mind me seeking advice from all who uses BGM in your showcase slideshows.
    Do you pay for the right to use it? If so, how do you approach?
    Or do you just use it?

    Pardon me if i asked a question that should not be asked.
    *i'm not a musician myself so.... rest your mind.... i just need some advice...
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    A lot of people use copyrighted music illegally - not that it's correct, but a lot do and get away with it.

    If you're concerned, try exploring royalty-free tracks specifically catered to the broadcast/production /advertising industries.

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    If it's for private viewing, on my computer to a client.. etc. I use anything from CDs that I own.

    If it's for public aka online, I'll stick to royalty-free resources.

    Check out this site for royalty-free resources:

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    Lovely replies guys.


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