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Thread: anyone have experience with 'Prestige Models'?

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    Default anyone have experience with 'Prestige Models'?

    hihi, this is nto a flame post or anything. i'm trying to get opinions on anyone who's worked with prestige models ( before for shoots?

    how are they like?

    i got pm-ed by them and subsequent emails i got from there were seemingly unprofessional. like the first email was very one worded and offered no useful information and when i tried to ask for more i got a seemingly rude email reply.

    TFCD for normal photo shoots

    if u want others
    you will have to pay
    simple ?
    any experiences?

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    Default Re: anyone have experience with 'Prestige Models'?

    Well, they have to earn a living too, but true, that's not a nice way to reply to people. Did you make them angry?

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    Default Re: anyone have experience with 'Prestige Models'?

    I would think that such a response is not a good way to ensure that they are able to make a living.

    Unless they are offering something you are desperate to shoot, or a chance that no-one else is...then the simple response to abrupt, rude, or condescending emails is to take your dollars and spend them with another modeling agency.
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    Default Re: anyone have experience with 'Prestige Models'?

    yupp agreed. i'm going to stay away from them. anw for the record, here's the correspondence between me and prestige models.
    correspondence is in reverse chronological order.

    6. prestige models: ur attitude sucks

    5. me: so do you have any photos of the models you have? simple?

    4. prestige models: TFCD for normal photo shoots

    if u want others
    you will have to pay
    simple ?

    3. me: sorry, it would definitely help if you explained clearly instead of
    sending me a load of numbers which doesnt make sense. do i pay you or
    will you pay me the $200 for lingerie?

    talk to me and explain what you are setting out to do.

    2. Prestige Models:
    TFCD, for normal shoots
    Paid for
    lingerie $200
    bikini $250
    artistic nude $300

    1 on 1 only. MUA not included.

    If you can gather a group of 4 and above prices will be less $50

    all is 3 hours slots maximum.

    Location to be decided by photog

    1. me: hi, please tell me more about this arrangement that youre proposing.
    pretty unprofessional if you ask me. emails first with no proper information, just a blast of numbers and stuff. then i ask for more information and they get sarcastic.

    but of course, i'm not trying to influence whatever future decisions you have to make. not at all.
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    Default Re: anyone have experience with 'Prestige Models'?

    Wow...I wonder how such companies still actually stay in business. The service attitude is simply atrocious.


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