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Thread: Barack Obama - Election Night

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    Default Barack Obama - Election Night

    These series of shots on that night is posted in Flickr apparently by a family friend of Mr Obama, but I think its something worth sharing with all the photography enthusiasts in CS and all who want some insight on the 44th President of the United States of America.

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    Default Re: Barack Obama - Election Night

    This caused a little stir on Flickr. I do agree that he blew his chances being there by delivering sub standard photos.

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    Default Re: Barack Obama - Election Night


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    Default Re: Barack Obama - Election Night

    Yes, its indeed interesting what went on behind the scenes in the vote countdown.

    It does provide some interesting insight into how his close circle of family, friends and aides interact. I think the US finally has something to hope upon after the fiasco of the last 8 years.


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