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Thread: Settings for Taking Group photos

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    Default Settings for Taking Group photos

    HI there,

    Very new to DSLR world. Just got mine 1 week ago.
    I am just wondering, is there any advise or tips as to what kind of settings on the camera is ideal for Group photo taking?

    Assuming lighting & all is adequate.
    I would like to know, how to get everybody's face in focus etc.


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    Assuming that lighting is adequate, you'd just have to watch your aperture to get everyone in focus. There are a lot of (somewhat minor) factors to consider, but generally, a f/5.6 onwards should get everyone in reasonable focus. When in doubt, just use P mode. I'd say the Program mode produces an adequate picture most of the time.

    Of course, the problem comes when there is insufficient ambient light, uneven lighting, light of various sources etc..

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    Default Re: Settings for Taking Group photos

    make sure that the DOF is deep enough to cover everyone

    actual aperture setting will depend on how many rows of people there are and the lens in use.

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    Default Re: Settings for Taking Group photos

    My general guideline.

    With a 50mm equivalent lens (set your lens to 30mm on 1.6 crop, for example):

    1 row: f/4 or smaller
    2 rows: f/5.6 or smaller
    3 rows: f/8 or smaller
    4 rows and more: Find a higher angle to shoot from, and use f/8 or smaller

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