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Thread: Punggol Sunset + Views on PP

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    Quote Originally Posted by Andrew Hoi View Post
    Hi Synchroni,

    You have captured a beautiful sky, very nice color too!!
    Yes, the pitch black shadow at the fg is quite disturbing to a certain extend.
    Imo, this image may benefit more if its taken in a portrait format, so that the beautiful sky will be emphasized n contrary the pitch black fg will be minimized.
    If you are serious about landscape photography, dont leave home without a tripod.
    Quote Originally Posted by crucio View Post
    yes a crop excluding those unexposed rocks will do. try using a GND filter or do HDR if you wanna include the rocks.
    Thanks Andrew, will bring my tripod out more often rather then for night shoot only...

    yap crucio, will try gnd when i got one set...

    Actually I have took this scence both in portrait and landscape format (without much rocks or black foreground) on that day.

    Forgive me that both photo are a bit "OOF" (to me), i guessed is due to the big aperture ba...

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    Very late reply, but the greyness I was referring to is the grey monotone of the clouds, it kills the contrast in those regions (especially the bottom right region), making it look very flat, and I think vignetting can help to improve the shot by increasing the contrast.

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    Quote Originally Posted by calebk View Post
    I think it is at a balance now.

    More and you just see more of a black mush at the bottom. The detail is gone, so they don't serve any real purpose except create negative space within the image, which in turn, creates an "emptiness" at the bottom of the image to throw it off-balance with the sky.
    i still feel there's an odd feeling at the bottom half of the cropped pic.. not too sure what.. but it definitely did not give be the sense of "balance"..

    maybe include (just a bit!) more of the "dark" rocks.. and place your signature there rather than smack in the sky?

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