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Thread: parking spaces at marina barrage?

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    Default parking spaces at marina barrage?

    need some info - any CSer drove there yet? need to find out how is the parking space like at the carpark there. the PUB website din say how many. i was thinking of going there in the evening later...

    yeah. i know... i must be crazy to go on a weekend. hence the question...

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    Default Re: parking spaces at marina barrage?

    no space, you either swim there or park your car in the marina itself

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    Default Re: parking spaces at marina barrage?

    got some carpark lots for around 30 cars in the marina barrage itself.

    i think u can also park ur car at the abandoned carpark lots of the abandoned eating place, just next to the marina barrage.
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    Default Re: parking spaces at marina barrage?

    Was there on a weekday and lots of lots available. Maybe u go early early lor, avoid the crowd.

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    Default Re: parking spaces at marina barrage?

    there are 2 small carpark within the barrage...

    but outside, there is a big one... the one used to be behind the steamboats...

    quite big..

    if not, pple park along the road... dun worry.. the marshallers will direct u ...

    nice view there...
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