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    I have spent the last 30 mins trying to clean my lens, although after i use the appropriate fluid, it still leaves residue that cannot be cleaned. I have tryed many times and its annoying me more and more. I have succesfully cleand lenses before, using the same gear although this lens is not staying clear.
    I am using Kinetronics Lens cleaner spray, on to a Lint free tissue.
    Whipe around the lens in a circular motion.
    Leaves residue!
    so still i have used microfiber cloth to try and wipe it off while it was wet, even another tissue but still doesnt work.

    Could it be the aircon environment im cleaning it in?
    That the solution dries up to fast?

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    Could be, isnce it worked before.

    Breathe on the lense slowly to fog it up, then quickly wipe it clean with new sheets of lense tissue. The moisture from yr breath will help 'dissolve' and enable you to 'lift up' residues easier. Repeat till you see no tell-tale signs of residue when you breatje on the lense. It might help if you move to a warmer location.

    BTW, most liquid cleansers will leave a residue, no matter how little (and seemingly 'invisible'). Over time, this builds up.

    Could also be the new lenses you're using (you switched systems right?). Some lenses, due the the coatings they use, are harder to clean.
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    Default Re: Cleaning My lens.....

    Get a Lenspen.
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