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Thread: Cute Dawf Hamsters for sale

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    Default Cute Dawf Hamsters for sale

    Hi all,

    Got a few hamsters for sale:

    1) Robovorski Hamster x 2
    Selling as a pair..both are male. about 8 mths old.

    Selling both for $18

    2) Winter White Pearl
    Female, about 8 mths old

    Selling $8

    3) Hamster cage with running wheel and food dish and water bottle. 3 mths old and is a double storey cage. Selling for $15. Picture not available yet but will sell only after the hamsters are sold..

    Interested parties or enquiries, pls call me at 90294337

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    anyone interested?

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    I might be interested... Need to ask gf first as she's the one that wants it for a while now... Get back to you soon... Might even buy your whole setup if my gf wants....


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