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    When to hk 2 mths back n to hk disneyland,
    saw this interesting picture on floor n quickly snap it,
    i find it quite interesting,
    i think its created by the staff,
    wanna get some c&c from u guys

    1) hows the composition?
    2) hows the color?
    3) any improvement?

    thanks for viewing

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    Hi brudder,

    1) Mickey Mouse got bigger ears wan! This one's got smaller ones. It would be a novel and more interesting if you've taken one that at least looks like Mickey.

    2) The empty space on the left side is very distracting.

    3) The compo, it reminds me of seeing a nickel on the floor using my grandma's thick specs. You can add more drama if you position yourself closer to the ground, or capture the image in an angular/slanting view, then maybe it would look like mickey mouse.

    4) The colors of the leaves against the gray pavement is sharp and interesting, if you know how to do photoshop, could tweak the colors up a bit.

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    Honestly, if i were you TS, this pic would never be posted in here. There is no point of interest here; other than this is not something u see everyday. The subject is right smack in the middle with loads of negative space in it and outside. Colours not vibrant enough to bring out the cheers of Mickey mouse.
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