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Thread: Stofen diffusers..comments?

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    Default Stofen diffusers..comments?

    hi all,

    m thinking of getting one of these to reduce the flash's harshness.
    jus effective are these diffusers anyway? any pics to show?
    wats e price for one to fit a SB 28?


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    Expensive piece of plastic.

    A bounce card works just as well, when there's a ceiling to bounce off. When there's no ceiling, or the ceiling is too high, I'm afraid there's nothing to replace an omnibounce. It's small and convenient to bring around. You could try fabricating your own, but it's priced just right to make you not bother taking the trouble, yet enough to feel the pinch.

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    friend, as what streetshooter mentioned, I used a bounce card indoors mostly when there's a ceiling to bounce off. Or a tissue paper over the flashhead when there's no ceiling or outdoors...

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    i was using a piece of tissue and rubber band over the flash for a long time. i thought i was pretty smart and saving moving. Then i had to start tracking tissue paper and rubber bands as part of the inventory... just gave up and bought the omnibounce.

    The diffuser softens the flash slightly, but IMO, not very significantly. Bouncing off another surface is still much better.

    Slightly under $30 at CP.

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    Default Interested in home-made version?

    Out of "bo liau" and no money-lor, I used magazine cover (white with no printing) to custom-make one diffuser within 10 mins... and so far quite happy with the results.

    To demonstrate the "product", here is the quick one made with office (oops, did I say office) photocopy paper...not bad the results, too.

    The home-made diffuser (with white photocopy paper):

    The results:

    No Flash:

    With Flash:

    With Flash and diffuser:

    Other samples using the magazine cover version.

    With Flash:

    With Flash and diffuser:


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