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    Could anyone advice the recommended time (days / months ) that a film cartridge need to be developed after loading into the camera ?

    The reason is that I mostly shoot only during weekend and often could not finish a roll within a day or two. Sometime I only process the film after 1 or 2 month - will it be a problem ?


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    short answer: check the expiry date on the box

    long answer: depends on the temperature and electromagnetic radiation the film is subjected to while it is sitting in the camera. If you are in the northen or southern hemisphere, the atmosphere is "closer" to the land. This has take into account the elevations; that is, if you live on a very high mountain like everest, more radiation exposure more problem thus better to develop the roll quickly. Hiding the film (together with camera??) in a cool/cold dark place magnetically shielded (with lead??) should increase longetivity. That said, once film is exposed, the chemical changes will cause the colors to "lose" brillance/contrast, similar to multiple exposures by x-ray machines, similar to reprocity failure effects.

    oh....the answer should be 2 months ?? (large dose of guessing here). Anyway, I usually cannot wait, so I develop it even if I managed 24 on a 36exp on my Point&shoots. I always finish 36exp when I take my slr.
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