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    my first post here...not sure it should be here.



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    #3 would be a shot I would take. But if possible I would try to avoid the green patch.
    #2 is pretty nice too IMO.

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    no 2 is quite interesting..

    no 3 might work if you focus on just the know and the yellow door.. coz the colour contrast is already there..

    no 1 is kinda random..

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    #3 ar...hmmm...and here i thot having 3 colors is better than 2. thanx for the feedback. lol, and for #1, i donno what was i thinking when i snapped it! hahah!

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    For #3, IMHO, I think 3 colours are ok. I would suggest to shoot #3 from a more linear angle in parallel with the door, then the 3 colours combination could be better.

    Anyway, these photos are nice.
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    then i must be the odd one out here liao, haha, cos i prefer the abstract and distracted feel of #1. i think this was a window shot and the reflection is of the network of sky dome at clarke quay. interesting shot


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