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    In what area is critique to be sought?

    I am a beginner to the photography hobby, I dont own a DSLR yet but was thinking of putting my point-of-shoot camera to full use before abandoning it for a DSLR.

    What one hopes to achieve with the piece of work?

    I hope to capture the excitment of the little girl at the park through a different angle.

    Under what circumstance is the picture taken? (physical conditions/emotions)

    This photo graph was taken about noon time at a neighbourhood playground.

    What the critique seeker personally thinks of the picture.

    There is some thing wrong about the pic that i cant seems to express. seeking help from all the forumers here..

    thanks in advance!

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    Hm, it appears due to perspective, that the girl has weird proportions (read: GIANT HANDS!!)

    I think the title isn't particularly suitable, and does not convey a sense of wonder, both on the part of us viewers and the child. Perhaps if the kid is looking as though she is peeping through curiously, that might fit the title better. But that would be a very literal interpretation of course.

    PnS is fine what. One starts appreciating the finer points of a PnS when he has to lug an DSLR around and people give him dirty looks.
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    I agree with tjhan, P&S is definitely fine. There are some better shooters with P&S than DSLR users.

    Basically, I feel that although we can see the joyous expression on the girl's face, it would be better to see what kind of environment she is in too. The green frame doesn't serve much a purpose in showing more. Of course, with your writeup I understood it's a playground.

    Should had went for a higher shutter speed or aperture value, so that the green turns out duller, while the girl doesn't turn out overexposed (you can see it on her fingers and shoulder). Probably it'll bring out the subject better.

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    Hi papaho,

    It's great that you have placed an object in the foreground and took a picture of the little girl through its opening. This is not an ideal choice though, since the opening is too small. Not much details are being revealed with regard to the little girl's surrounding, unless this is your intention in the first place. The little girl's facial expression and the lighting condition is good. It's just that there's too little details in the photo to make it memorable.

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    tjhan, pyeel, patricktay thanks for lending your eye to the photo.

    I have never considered the perspective of the girls giantic hands. point taken, will take this into considerations for the next shoot.

    thanks for the constructive advise on the aperture value and shutter speed . I will read up on these items and learn to use them to my advantage

    I can see the lack of 'wonder' in the child's expression now.. and as mentioned about the details surrounding the girl, they are indeed distracting.

    As for using a PS , i too feel that if utilised properly .. it could probably make wonders.. but 1 lay back is actually on the limited manual setting that I can work out on the camera(canon ixus 800 is).

    Nonetheless, I am thankful to the earnest comments.

    Rgds / Papaho


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