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    Hello! First post here. bought a dslr from a forumer here before though. haha. just a question. am i able to use, say, canon lens on a oly cam? adapter required right? so where can i find these adapters and what are the pros and cons of using adapters? thanks.

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    Hello...firstly a welcome to you.

    Now, why do you want to fix a Canon lens on your Oly cam? Is there something missing in the Oly lens lineup and 3rd party lenses are not able to fill the gap?

    Most of the bros here get their adapters from eBay or shops in Peninsular. Not sure if there is any adapter for Oly cams to use Canon lenses to begin with.

    You may also wish to note that even if there is one the cost of the adapter may not come cheap and you may need to focus manually. I would suggest that you stick to the Oly lenses. The Zuiko lenses are fabulous.
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    haha. i am broke to buy the oly lenses. if i'm not wrong even the third party lenses costs 600+. me student only la. hard to save.


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