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    wld like to say hi to everyone here!

    i've registered in this forum for a few weeks, and been reading up while taking lotsa of crappy shots until i finally start to feel i'm on the right track. i'm equipped with a 2nd hand D70s and been renting lens to try out before investing into one myself. this forum is very helpful cos it simply puts me into awareness of what photography is all abt. and ever since i jumped on board, i never looked back.. there's so many things to capture.. so many places to go, but being a typical singaporean, never had the time. looking forward to future sharing sessions with seasoned photographers for some guidance and of cos networking. i dun have any nice pics to share(still need to really really polish up), just some humble shots which i think arent that bad after all.

    thanks for viewing anyways.

    hope there would be activities in this forum, cos i wont pass up the chance to meet up fellow photographers.


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    Hello...welcome. D70s is a good cam. Make full use of it & hope to see more pictures from you.
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    thanks Galdor bro.

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    Hey. You're Anwar's friend right? (:
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