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    Hi-y'all Clubsnap-ers!

    I'm a super newbie, just started on photography with a D40 i got at a steal from Courts (last place I'd expected to buy from, honestly), at $588.

    Currently still trying to figure out how to perfect DoF and landscape shots, hoping to learn more from you guys!

    See y'all around, yoroshiku! :>

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    as always, irashaimasu n shoot more! will be looking 4ward to ur pics. =]
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    Wow, D40 for $588 only? With lens? Brand new?

    If yes for both, its a real steal!

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    Haha, yeah $588 for the D40 kit which includes the 18-55mm lens. It was a totally unplanned purchase; I had already drawn $850 to buy the D60 but since the POSB was at the same level as Courts I just popped in for a while just to check what was their price for the D60. Seeing the "Today only!" offer was a pleasant surprise. :>

    Can't wait to get past the "ghastly newbie photos" phase soon and have something decent enough to post here already.

    Edit: I have also bought a 8GB kingston SDHC card for $39 (didn't know the market rate for this but it seemed kinda cheap) and a Hoya UV filter for $15, so the final damage is actually $644.
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