I haven't seen any topic (or maybe it's buried already) around here about experiences on shooting pictures outside. As we all know, street photography or candids are always difficult to capture. The visuals are fleeting and come and go really quickly, if you are late to compose - you lose your shot.

Especially relating to those who shoot mechanical film with manual focus primes - it's always a challenge. One shot one kill, plus you'll need to get (quite) close to your subject to frame the shot. Besides the final photo result, there's always an experience behind how you got the shot. We often see the images, but don't see the stories.

Come here and share your experience on getting shots outside!
Some of your more "highlight" moments of your photography life, or even your usual encounters on how people react. Many of us don't have years and years of shooting experience nor travelled the globe, so we don't know how to react to certain situations or have not learnt that some cultures or some people in the world are uncomfortable to other people pointing cameras in their faces. Sharing your experiences here can let us newbies learn more

Hairy, shocking, pleasing, surprising, thrilling, dangerous -
Come, share here!
Better if coupled with a picture that is the child of your efforts!

p.s. - I was pretty intrigued when i visited around the 35mm forum, and looked at an old topic on Chiif's hairy experience with an old 70yr-old monk at the airport. It made me wonder - how about everyone else? So i set up this topic.