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Thread: the Kiasi Lens case

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    dont know if it's been posted before but i came across this just now while trawling the net.

    in a nutshell, this baby is:

    - Shock proof, Water proof, Vibration proof, and Crush proof (up to 30KG)
    - Maximum vacuum: -300mmHg
    - Temperature and humidity controlled environment for your valuable photo equipments
    - Material: polyproplene
    - Exterior size: 114 x 182mm
    - Interior size: 100 x 155mm (foam spacers included for fitting your various lens)

    too bad it's for short lenses only. cant seem to find a larger sized one.

    more info:

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    Default Re: the Kiasi Lens case

    wow !

    looks like a C4 bomb. cannot expose in MRT.

    somemore got the hydrometer outside. people might think its a bomb and next moment u see Police pin you down. HAHA


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