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    Hi bros, any one of you may be working at this place? I saw some article the papers ran last month about the opening, and the interior/archi looks gorgeous. Not too sure if they would allow the camera-frenzy public inside to view/take pictures. Can someone give a headsup?

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    During the photo competition period, the security guard informed only can take pic outside the building but they're winner who managed to take pic inside the building!
    Currently they're having photo exhibition till 17Nov08. Maybe you can try.

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    Not possible to take photos of the inside of the building. Unless you got JTC approval

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    Sian. That place has so much potential with gorgeous architectural shots too. Has anyone been inside the theatre?
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    Quote Originally Posted by munkey View Post
    Sian. That place has so much potential with gorgeous architectural shots too. Has anyone been inside the theatre?
    that place has so much security in place, peeing after office hours is a challenge by itself.

    forget to bring card only, be prepared to lock yourself out in the middle of nowhere.

    but really, that place is quite artistically built. with a harry's bar inside too!
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    The place is nice but still not very good to take photo at this point as alot of the areas are not completed yet. Thus very dusty and dirty. The theatre is nice, very high tech looking but very small in area. Trying to take a photo of the whole place is a very big challenge. You will have to sure a super wide angle lens.

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    Been there on the night of Oct 25 and the place is amazing. The design reminds me of some building complex from a scifi movie. It is still finishing up so there are only a handful of establishments there. The theater is in the sphere which is small but unique.

    Across the street, my lens is not wide enough to shoot the whole complex. I can move way back to get the shot but unfortunately I didn't brought my tripod.


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