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Thread: How to Mount SHoe Mt Flash onto Tripod/LightStand

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    Default How to Mount SHoe Mt Flash onto Tripod/LightStand

    Hi there. anyone knows how a shoe mount flash can be mounted onto a tripod or lightstand or something? is there like a shoe-mount-to-tripod screw convertor or someting>


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    If it is minolta flash, the minolta flash comes with a small stand that mounts onto the tripod, and this can be used on other minolta mount flash eg. metz etc.

    If it is other brands, I have seen adaptors with a tripod hole at the bottom and a flash hotshoe on top. Not sure where you can get them though.

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    my flash comes with a stand which u can slide in and u get a tripod mount

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    Get the hotshoe with slave sensor from CP or AP. It has a tripod socket located at the bottom to screw onto the standard 1/4" thread for mounting your camera to the tripod.

    It's very cheap too. Although u won't need the slave for your 80DX...can always cover it up or disable it if u don't want.


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