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    Can anyone advise if a CPL can be use to replace the UV filter? Which means only attach the CPL to the lens for all photo shootings.

    I find that by attaching both filters, it will cause vignette esp using on the wide angle lens.
    And it is quite troublesome to change filters during shoots.

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    CPL will result in light lost for the lens. If you can handle the light lost, I think its quite ok. UV on the other hand is mainly for protecting your lens.

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    constantly stacking filters is not a good idea.

    as for attaching CPL permanently, not exactly a good idea.

    jus like ppl dun wear sun-glasses 24 hr a day.

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    It really depends on what you wish to do. Mounting a CPL 24/7 doesn't seem too bright an idea, as several others have pointed. But if you realize that you've always been mounting the CPL on a particular lens, then well, go ahead. You'd soon find out the merits (or demerits) of doing so.

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    Did you not realise that the CPL cuts down on the light entering your camera?

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    With an UV + a CPL, yes vignette does occur at certain focal length. But I think that's the way to go. Putting a CPL on 24/7 is not advisable.

    You need to know the basics. UV is mainly used just to protect the lens. I feel that's the main usage of an UV. CPL on the other hand is to cut down on reflection off non-metallic objects.

    So, know what you need, when to use and you most prob won't go wrong.


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