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Thread: Your quick and fast "go to" food!

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    incidentally after typing that out, I did make my way to the city to get a soulavki from one of those greek joints.

    whats a soulavki?

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    Quote Originally Posted by leej0038 View Post
    whats a soulavki?
    It should be 'soulavaki'. It is a kind of pita-wrapped meat sandwich that resembles a kebab.
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    however, it's slightly different in the land down under.

    Gyros in Australia are typically based on lamb, chicken or beef, or a combination of those meats. In addition to the usual fillings of onion, lettuce and tomato, extra fillings may include bulgur (cooked wheat), hummus, cheese and tabouli. The sauce is usually a yogurt sauce such as tzatziki, but chilli sauce (often Thai sweet chilli sauce) can also be used. The pita bread may be quickly toasted before the dish is assembled or the entire dish may be toasted in a sandwich press after assembly. The Australian dish has two to three times as much filling as is used in Greece - which can surprise Greek visitors.

    In Australia, the names gyros, souvlaki, döner kebab, and shawarma are used more or less interchangeably, depending on the vendor, the national group, or community in question more than on the nature of the food.

    Different names are favoured in different regions of Australia. In South Australia they are known (both in the singular and plural) as yiros, a rendering of the normal modern Greek pronunciation into the Roman alphabet. In New South Wales they are known as doner kebabs or kebabs in Turkish or Lebanese shops or yeeros/yiros in Greek shops. In Queensland and Western Australia they are called kebabs. In Victoria (which has a large Greek population) they are generally known as gyros or souvlaki. In Tasmania they are generally called kebabs or souvlaki.

    In most cases gyros or souvlaki tend to be made of thicker pieces of meat than that of doner kebabs which are usually made using thin shards of meat. Also different meats often vary on the region of Australia with beef and chicken being often used in Queensland while in Melbourne and Tasmania beef is less common with lamb used instead.
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    anyone tried adams 100% peanut butter
    very healthy but not really sucky in taste

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