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Thread: Differences in reverse macro lens

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    Default Differences in reverse macro lens

    Hi all, was wondering whats the difference are there if any in the below two setup:

    1. Reverse a 50mm prime lens
    2. Standard 18-55mm kit zoom lens + reverse of 50mm prime

    which one offer more magnification?

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    Default Re: Differences in reverse macro lens

    I have the same question in my mind too.

    3) Reverse magnification better or Raynox better?

    Appreciate the help.
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    Default Re: Differences in reverse macro lens

    anyone help?

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    Default Re: Differences in reverse macro lens

    The second option maintains electronic contact with the kit lens. The first one everything is manual including metering.

    For the later option, the 50mm lens reversed acts like a multi-element close up dioptre for the kit lens. You can get much more magnification especially when the lens that is fixed to the camera body is of a longer focal length. E.g reversing a 50mm onto a 100mm lens gives u a magnification of X2

    Not sure how a reversed lens setup compares to a good achromatic multi element closeup filter, but a reversed lens such as an ( asymmetrical construct ) 50mm should be employed for > 1:1 for better results.

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