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Thread: Amero, the new currency

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    ok, call me nutty but i've been doing some research/analysis and wanted to run this by you guys. i'm hoping this might turn into either good conversation, or, if not, it will turn into happyshot looking like goofyshot.

    does anyone know when the euro came about? yes, 1999
    does anyone know what happened two years before the euro, in 1997?
    Yes, asian financial crises. before the euro came out, the world went into a bit of a financial shakeup, perhaps to place a value on the new euro currency against global currencies... who knows? nonetheless, 2 years before the euro came out the world did hit the skids financially.

    fast forward 2008. the world hits the financial skids again. does anyone know what is scheduled to roll out 2 years from now? yes, it is a new currency called the amero (common currency for america, canada, and mexico). the amero will be a currency somewhat like the euro, but for north america. the amero is scheduled to come out in 2010 under the north american union act. don't believe me, go and research for yourself.

    call it coincidence, but 2 years before the euro came out, a global financial shakeup happened, perhaps to place a value on the new euro currency against global currencies. now, 2 years before the amero is scheduled to come out, another global financial shakeup is happening. and if you are paying attention, the dollar is getting stronger just as the pound was before the euro. history repeats itself, and maybe it's just me, but could it be "the powers that be" are trying to get the dollar as strong as possible before the new currency called the amero comes into play? something to think about and in my view, in order for the dollar to get as strong as it can possibly get, means to weaken every other currency it possibly can against it. and it also means to weaken certain global commodities such as oil, which is what is happening as well. for history buffs, oil fell sharply during 97-99. and when the euro came out in jan. 99, oil was was at it's lowest being $16 a barrel. we look today, and we see the same thing happening with oil. it's fascinating times we live in. 2010, the amero, we shall see.

    google amero or north american union and choose to believe or not to believe, but whatever you choose, always choose to be informed.

    as always, have a good day

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    whatever you say may well be true, but so what?

    being informed is one thing - if anything at all - being knowledgeable is yet another matter.

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    Default Re: Amero, the new currency

    conspiracy theory

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    not really... speculation is more like it. bush has already signed the north american union. and accordingly, pushing for the amero by 2010.

    obama is on the record as saying he sees no evidence it is happening, but then again this is the same man who said he didn't know his reverend was saying some pretty bad things. in a nutshell, obama did not say it is or isn't happening... only that he sees no evidence (just as he saw no evidence regarding his reverend).

    anyway, here's u.s. congressman Ron Paul stating that the plans for the amero are already on the books.

    food for thought, no one will truly know and only time will tell.
    as always, keep smiling

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    Interesting conspiracy theory, although I think you miss some items here:
    - The Euro indeed came into place in 1999, but replaced the ECU (european currency unit) at a value of 1:1. The ECU had been in place since 1979. So it's almost like a renaming
    - You mention that the pound got stronger just before the euro was introduced, just like the dollar now. I don't see the comparison here, since the pound has not been replaced by the euro; the UK doesn't participate in the euro.

    but who knows what's out there - if you believe Zeitgeist, then your theory fits right in.

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    I don't think so...the current mess was caused by sub-prime lending whereby bank lending more than what a lender can afford to the end the bank have to foreclose the property...with so many bad debt and excess properties on hand that nobody else can afford....some banks go burst......US dollar, Euro or really doesn't i think it has nothing to do with currency speculation at all.

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    Default Re: Amero, the new currency

    What about the Japanese Banana money? I have a biscuit tin of them:

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    Thanks for the informative read. Its always good to learn something new everyday, especially in the morning.

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    I think Ron Paul is the most credible American politician there is. Along with economist/financial analyst like Peter Schiff and Max Keizer.

    Much of America do not know anything about the Amero or the N.American Union except the Texans because they are building the expressway which is going to link Mexico. And Ron Paul is a Texan.

    I don't believe this financial crisis is an accident, just like I do not buy the official story of 9-11 or the war in Afghanistan or the war in Iraq.

    The entire monetary system has debt built into it. All money is debt. We are all indebted to bankers. I do not mean OCBC or UOB or DBS. I mean the banking dynasties like the Rothschilds, Rockfellers, Morgans...etc. Since Brentton Woods of 1944, the US dollar has been the world's reserve currency. Being a reserve currency, it affords them the privilege to be the world's banker. They can print money out of thin air without hyperinflating their economy because nations like the China, Russia, the gulf states and Singapore are holding on to and buying up those dollars making it their national reserve. The world is essentially buying their debt and funding their consumption.

    Why do bankers want to indebt the borrowers? If all money is debt and that all money is created out of debt, then all money is not backed by anything tangible other than your promise to pay. The economy has only as much money out there as is being lent out. The money to pay back the interest on top of the principle does not exist. Unless more is being lent out. It becomes a legal Ponzi-like scheme. In this system, defaults and foreclosures are ineveitable. When you are bankrupt, the banks will lay claim to your assets which you have used as a collateral. This is why the banks indebt you and this is why they are eager to lend.

    This crisis did not take the banking elite by surprise. It is built into the monetary system. It was only a matter of time.

    Back to the Amero. The only way to usher in the Amero is bring about great economic pain and therefore the people or rather the sheeple will ask for some kind of a central bank to stabilise the economy. That was how the Federal Reserve came about in 1913. Serious financial panic happened in 1907. The Federal Reserve was set up to prevent that kind of crisis, but did they? No. The great depression happened soon right after in the 1929. By the way, the Federal Reserve isnt Federal in anyway. It's a quasi-govt instiution and its held privately by international banks. This crisis is just another engineered crisis.

    By the way, the Austrian school of economics believes that the cyclical boom and bust are due to intervention of the free market system. Boom and bust happen because of ineffiecient allocation of resources. Central planning causes inefficent allocation of resources.

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    Default Re: Amero, the new currency

    going political again

    thread closed


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